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Welcome to tcr_fps, the completely necessary LiveJournal community devoted to The Colbert Report fake-person fanfiction.


Rule #1: Note the F.
This is a community for fake-person fiction, which means we're only interested in stories containing fictionalized characters. Stories involving Colbert the actor/comedian/writer or Jon Stewart should be posted in more appropriate venues. Stories focusing on Colbert the ignorant pundit or Russ Lieber are fine.

Rule #2: Do not note the S.
While slash is welcome here, tcr_fps is not solely limited to slash. ANY fake-person fiction directly related to The Colbert Report is fine.

Rule #3: Go crazy with your medium.
As well as fanfiction, we welcome fanart, fanmixes and any other fanworks your dirty little mind can invent, provided they concern TCR and FPS.

Rule #4: Cover your ass.
Please include with your work a brief disclaimer. Nobody over at TCR has appeared to give a damn yet, but there's no sense in tempting fate. You don't own any of these characters, so take a moment to say so.

Rule #5: Befriend the lj-cut tag repeatedly.
<lj-cut text="blahblahblah">Fanfic goes here</lj-cut>. Fake cuts are also welcome, if you'd rather go that route.

Rule #6: Befriend fic headings repeatedly.
Preferably before your lj-cut, you should list some basic information about the fic you are posting, if indeed you are posting a fic. This must include the title of the fic, the rating of the fic and the pairing(s) involved. Any other information (such as wordcount or a summary) is suggested, but not required.

Rule #7: Befriend each other repeatedly.
Lame drama will result in you being banned at the moderators' discretion. And probably laughed at.

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